Schooling and entertainment


The Escale School provides hospitalized children and young adults with appropriate educational support that covers infant, primary and secondary levels. The School offers individual lessons or educational workshops either in class or at the bedside of children who are not able to move around.

The objectives are as follows:

  • to allow the pupil to remain actively involved in their education,
  • to offer each pupil a suitable educational goal,
  • to provide academic learning that is line with the objectives of the child’s original school,
  • to maintain the pupil’s social ties,
  • to prepare for home-based learning monitoring.

The Escale school works in partnership with the medical and paramedical teams, the child’s original school, e-Escale, the EHD association (home-based learning monitoring) and asbl Take Off (loans computer equipment to help children keep up with their classes “live” at their original school).

For more information on the Escale School, please visit the website here

Contact : + 32 2 764 85 10


The entertainment team offers a free space for children and the parents accompanying them. The entertainers and volunteers who strengthen the team welcome children and their parents so they can enjoy creating, imagining, playing and meeting others.

The entertainment team offers various different activities:


  • workshops: cooking, papier-mâché, beads, salt dough, woodwork, painting, etc.,
  • if the children want to, they can get involved in decorating the corridors,
  • one-on-one support for the child: a secure and affectionate presence,
  • games, books and DVDs can also be borrowed,
  • regular organization of parties (Saint Nicolas’ Day, Christmas, Carnival, Easter, Music festival, etc.)
  • artists come throughout the week to visit the children: musicians, storytellers, clowns.


The activities take place in the games room or in the child’s room depending on their health. They are adapted to each child according to their age, personal experiences, health and the length of their stay in hospital.

Contact : +32 2 764 81 08