Long-term follow-up

Therapeutic advances in pediatric oncology have made it possible to cure cancers in children and adolescents, and sometimes without any side effects. However, the illness, intensive treatments undertaken and difficulties during the course of medical treatment can lead to late effects. These can have a direct impact on the health, quality of life and social integration of the patient and this can be a long time after completion of treatment. Therefore, patients must be offered long-term multidisciplinary follow-up care.

The long-term follow-up consultation is part of an international program aimed at improving the patient’s health and quality of life through information, screening and the management of any potential complications. Depending on the situation a transfer to adult care services is provided.

Long-term follow-up starts with an initial consultation two years after the end of treatment. The consultation lasts about one hour and takes place in the Outpatients Department.

This consultation is adapted and structured according to each patient. It also provides an opportunity foe the patient to ask any questions they may have concerning long-term implications. Follow-up recommendations (further tests, assessments, etc.) may be sent to the patient.

Every patient starting long-term follow-up is routinely offered an appointment with a psychologist. This appointment takes place before the medical consultation in the Outpatients Department.

In addition, an appointment with a physiotherapist, dietitian or neuropsychiatrist can be offered in line with the recommendations made by the doctor.

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