The King Albert II Institute offers foreign students the opportunity to perfect their knowledge in cancerology, both in the clinical and research fields.

The King Albert II Institute offers the opportunity to foreign medical specialists (EU and non-EU) to come and perfect their knowledge and experience in cancerology. This is a two-year program, consisting of one year of clinical activity and one year of research activity.
An academic certificate is awarded at the end of the program.
The areas and objectives of the fellowships offered change from year to year.

Please check our website frequently for new openings.

Who can participate ?

This program is intended for foreign doctors (EU or non-EU) specialized in the field concerned.

What are the conditions of the program?

The selected candidate will receive a monthly salary net of taxes to cover living expenses. The King Albert II Institute will pay for social security, accident insurance on the way to work and the tuition fees for the University.

What is the selection procedure ?

Candidates are invited to send their application (letter of motivation + CV) by mail or by post to the following address